Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy November!

Hi All,

 I have news.

Punished is up for preorder on Liquid Silver's website as well as Amazon. Squee!

Now for my traveling tote...

I haven't gone anywhere.

BUT, a  few weeks before Halloween I went to Kentuck Art Festival in Tuscaloosa. I had such a great time, and of course I had to bring Christabel!

Tea Town was there... in a horse trailer?!

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this. Given, it was posted in front of a knife vendor...

Some of my favorite artwork that I saw at the festival...

They're a little creepy, no?

This one was my favorite. My beau bought it for me for my birthday, and it now hangs in my house! :)

Festival in the woods

Check out the poster on the side of that Teepee.

This was the beau's favorite. Grounded boat!

I dressed as a hippie for Halloween this year mainly because I was already wearing that dress and my friend threw the vest on me. Voila, costume!

Any guesses who my date was dressed up as?

Seriously, someone please guess! 

Please be sure to check out my fellow traveling tote-ers! Such lovely ladies with lovely blogs and absolutely gorgeous totes. :) 

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Also, there is a giveaway, so be sure to enter!

All who leave a comment on this post will be entered into a draw for a $25 Starbucks gift card, Miss Merri Mac's treat as a Thank You for following along and joining us for Tales of the Traveling Totes. 
The winner will be announced November 11, 2015

Below is the song I chose as my main Halloween tune, but it's also perfect for November!

I just can't get over the piano bits. 

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween and November kickoff!


Sammie Stone 

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  1. Boy, that art work MUST have some stories behind each picture!! Quite unique! I love that sign, i have seen it in some gift shops and it always makes me laugh, too. The Festival in the woods looks like something I would enjoy! I guess that your b/f is dressed up as his "handsome self"!! Happy Travels!