Monday, August 31, 2015

Musical Monday

Hi All,

Happy Monday!

I hope yours is musical, like mine has been.

I've been listening to Kanye West all day because of the announcement that he'll be running for president in the 2020 election.

Mr. President...Kanye West.

I'm not saying whether I'm in support of or against this, but the news has certainly brightened my day. And I *do* like his music.

In honor of Mr. West,  I'm using one of his songs as my choice for the day. Hopefully by next week I'll have the cover of Punished, and can do a reveal along with a release of the playlist I've made to go along with the book.

I've found some songs I'm really excited to relate to it!

So here's "Stronger" for those of you who need to keep your chins up this week. Having just begun graduate school, I know I need to hear it.

My favorite Kanye song is "Runaway," FYI.



Monday, August 17, 2015

Mary's Musical Monday

Happy Monday, All--

I'm a little bummed today, because people are being really hateful about sorority women.

Here's what I have to say about it:

I am a Delta Zeta alum. (I like turtles.)

I am dating a non-Greek man, and have both Greek and non-Greek friends. I'm also a graduate student, will *probably* go on to get a PhD in my field of speech-language pathology, and thus care very much about education and my career.
I also wear makeup and dresses sometimes,  and make a genuine effort to look my best every day. There is nothing wrong with striving to look nice, and nothing wrong with never wearing makeup at all. Everything in between is cool, too!

Enough of that. I just had to make those points clear.

Today, I'm introducing Mary Newman, the heroine of Punished. She is also a sorority woman.
I normally don't tell you much about my characters, but in light of the criticism of Greek women, I'll tell you that I modeled Mary's academic achievements on my own--had her parents not died a few months before her college graduation, she would have graduated summa cum laude from LSU, and attended the Rhode Island School of Design's Master's program for painting. (I, however, am no artist.)

I had a hard time deciding on what song to represent her, but I chose this one with a caveat: she does not do drugs. You'll see her personality in Punished, but I'll tell you that substance abuse isn't her style.

I hope you like the song, and get a taste of the turmoil Mary is going through at the beginning of Punished. 

I also just love this song. 

How is your week beginning?



Monday, August 10, 2015

Raphael's Musical Monday

Hello All,

Today is a special Musical Monday because it's Raphael's day.

Without further ado, I introduce Raphael, the hero of Punished. He's an Estonian man who's been living in exile for over five hundred years.

I won't tell you anything more about Raphael because as always, I want you to make your own decisions regarding him. 

I will say that I have a soft spot a mile wide for the werewolf, but I'll stop there.

Here is his song. Take of it what you will....

I'm also somewhat obsessed with old Fall Out Boy. FYI.

Next week I'll introduce Mary, his heroine. Once my publisher, Liquid Silver, sends me the cover, I'll do a Monday cover reveal complete with the song I've decided best represents the book. After that, I'll post my complete Punished playlist. (I *love* making playlists, guys.)

XO, and happy Monday!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's Almost Time for School, And a Book Release!

Hi All,

In many of our cases it's not school but work (with me, it's both), but no matter who you are, there's a shift in the air when August rolls around.

With graduate school beginning and I start to write my third novel--I wonder if anyone can guess who the hero is--I needed some small things to help bring a smile to my face as I work.

I thought I'd share with you all, in case you, too, need a fall pick-me-up.

I'll start with this mug, which I literally ordered today:

Of course, the back of the mug has mischief managed written in cursive.

I also love this teensy notebook--I'm such a sucker for Keats, I feel like this could brighten my mood any day!

And also these macaron pencil erasors! *So cute*

A good book always helps, especially when you have a few spare minutes to pull out your book, Kindle, Nook, etc. 

My good friend Rebekah Lewis just released her third book in the Cursed Satyroi Series, Satyr From the Shadows, and I had to share!

It's already in my Nook queue, poised for a few stolen moments of reading this August. 
The first book in the series is Wicked Satyr Nights.

Click the link below the fruit to find a list of cute desk accessories!


And finally, here is a list of candy stores you may not have heard of, for those of you who eat chocolate year-round like I do. Some of the stores even have their candy delivered to your house!



PS-- I'm coming for you, New Orleans. You and your creatures had better watch out tomorrow... :)

Monday, August 3, 2015

*Musical Monday*

Happy Monday, All!

Summer is ending soon. That's what August has always meant to me, and this August is no different because school's starting in a few weeks! One would think I'd be used to starting a new school year by graduate school, but I'm still that elementary-aged girl deep down, trying to make these next few weeks last for as long as humanly possible.

Music helps, just like it makes everything better.

So today I'm going to use music to introduce my next Crescent City Creature, a werewolf named Heath Frazier. I'll go ahead and tell you he's been exiled for longer than anyone else in the pack, and has some wicked tats.

The second book in the series, which I am one section away from finishing as of today (and still can't think of a title), is Heath's book, so pay close attention to him. :)

Here's his song:

When I was a high school-aged emo kid, I would listen to this song on a loop. At least I had (and still have) excellent taste! 

What do you think? Leave a comment about the song, book titles you like... anything! I'm interested!

Next week I'll introduce Raphael, the hero of Punished, so stay tuned!