Monday, July 20, 2015

*Musical Monday* and Sloss Fest

Hi All,

This is a very musical Monday, because I just got back from Sloss Fest!
But I'll talk about that later. First... *eye candy*!

This is the second week I'm introducing a character from my debut novel, Punished.
Punished is a paranormal romance about a pack of convicted werewolves living in exile in New Orleans.
They've all committed crimes...but they're all good men at heart, and deserve to find love. Especially the man depicted below!

So do they deserve the punishment they're living under? That's for you to decide. 

Meet Alexandre Henri Villeneuve:

I chose Chris Hemsworth to depict him here because when my heroine meets Alex, she thinks he looks like Thor. (He totally does.)

Out of the five members of the pack, Alex's book will be the last.

Here is the song I think describes him best:

Take from that what you will, but do note: he's still an alpha male, despite how laid-back he seems.  ;)

Speaking of beer, here's A and me at Sloss Fest-- I have a Trimtab "Raspberry" Berliner Weisse in my hand, and a body covered in knockoff flash tats. Is it obvious that I'm glistening?

Of the bands I saw, I'll list them in order of how incredible they were:

1. Manchester Orchestra
2. St. Paul and the Broken Bones tied with Cage the Elephant tied with the Avett Brothers
3. Young the Giant tied with Modest Mouse
4. Primus

...and they were all good. Even Primus, who were very strange. And for me to say that speaks volumes, believe me.

*Ahem* Exhibit A:

Here are some pictures from the show...please excuse my amateur photography! 

St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Manchester Orchestra

Cage the Elephant-- Everyone went crazy when Matthew took his shirt off....

It was such a great time! If you live in or around Alabama, trust me--it's a festival worth going to.

Stay tuned for next week's post--the character behind the eye candy next week will be Cael, and I've heard he drives one of my beta-readers crazy. 

Also, I'm going to bring some pumpkin spice into the summer with a recipe I'll be posting later this week. Can you tell I'm getting a little antsy for the pumpkin spice latte to come back to the 'bucks?




  1. Yep, I do like this week's selection for Musical Monday better than last week's! I know you had fun at Sloss Fest. You liked Manchester Orchestra more than the Avett Brothers? Really????

  2. Given, I've seen the Avett Brothers live five times! I *lurve* them, but Manchester Orchestra virtually never comes to Alabama! So I was excited. :) And they were that good!

  3. Alright couple things: 1st and most importantly ~ Me liketh Chris Hemsworth a lot *insert smile* I think Thor is my favorite super hero. I really like the song you chose for your second character.

    Oh WoW! My step-daughter Emily traveled down to Sloss Festival, she also went to another music festival during June 6th weekend. I cannot remember the name of that one. I

  4. Thanks! I like Thor too--I'm such a Marvel girl. :) Did she like Sloss Fest? Maybe the other show was Bonnaroo?

    1. Yes, that is it Bonnaroo. She has gone the last 3 years and takes one of our tents. Yes, she loves all types of music and festivals.

    2. Next year I really, really want to go. It's a goal of mine-- I hear Bonnaroo amazing!

    3. Next year I really, really want to go. It's a goal of mine-- I hear Bonnaroo amazing!