Monday, January 25, 2016

Reviews, Releases...Madness!

Hi All,

I'm going to dedicate this post to all of you who've reviewed Punished. It's so incredible to read your thoughts, and frankly, it's brave for you to put them out there. Please, please continue to review, and if you've read Punished and have not reviewed it yet, please consider doing so! It helps us authors more than we can say, especially once we hit that 50 mark. :)

I read a bit of criticism on an Amazon review today, and I do have a response to it: Finally!!

(Is that the response you were expecting?!)

Someone posted that they have a problem with the reason Heath was placed in the clan prohibitum--which is basically prison for werewolves. Good! You should question that (and if I tell you anything more, there will be spoilers, so I'm keeping my fingers from typing now).

My point is: please question things! I want you to wonder why,  and I want you to double-take every once in a while. Don't take these books at face value. ;)

To you, wonderful reader who cares about Heath: his and Sophia's book comes next, and it's called Hunted.

It's being released February 1st!

Here's your first look at the cover:

I still can't get over how exact the artist created Heath's tattoos. 

I'm so grateful to all of you! Here is the song I think best portrays the book:

Please, leave comments here, leave me e-mails--communicate with me! I want to know what you guys think. 



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  1. :D Congratulations on the release date of your second book. I'm looking forward to reading it! The cover is so pretty!