Monday, August 10, 2015

Raphael's Musical Monday

Hello All,

Today is a special Musical Monday because it's Raphael's day.

Without further ado, I introduce Raphael, the hero of Punished. He's an Estonian man who's been living in exile for over five hundred years.

I won't tell you anything more about Raphael because as always, I want you to make your own decisions regarding him. 

I will say that I have a soft spot a mile wide for the werewolf, but I'll stop there.

Here is his song. Take of it what you will....

I'm also somewhat obsessed with old Fall Out Boy. FYI.

Next week I'll introduce Mary, his heroine. Once my publisher, Liquid Silver, sends me the cover, I'll do a Monday cover reveal complete with the song I've decided best represents the book. After that, I'll post my complete Punished playlist. (I *love* making playlists, guys.)

XO, and happy Monday!



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  2. I love reading your Musical Monday, how you are introducing your characters. Thanks Ms Samantha Stone and good luck with the publishing!

    1. Thank you so much Jolene! :) That absolutely made my day! I like to think it's fun!