Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's Almost Time for School, And a Book Release!

Hi All,

In many of our cases it's not school but work (with me, it's both), but no matter who you are, there's a shift in the air when August rolls around.

With graduate school beginning and I start to write my third novel--I wonder if anyone can guess who the hero is--I needed some small things to help bring a smile to my face as I work.

I thought I'd share with you all, in case you, too, need a fall pick-me-up.

I'll start with this mug, which I literally ordered today:

Of course, the back of the mug has mischief managed written in cursive.

I also love this teensy notebook--I'm such a sucker for Keats, I feel like this could brighten my mood any day!

And also these macaron pencil erasors! *So cute*

A good book always helps, especially when you have a few spare minutes to pull out your book, Kindle, Nook, etc. 

My good friend Rebekah Lewis just released her third book in the Cursed Satyroi Series, Satyr From the Shadows, and I had to share!

It's already in my Nook queue, poised for a few stolen moments of reading this August. 
The first book in the series is Wicked Satyr Nights.

Click the link below the fruit to find a list of cute desk accessories!


And finally, here is a list of candy stores you may not have heard of, for those of you who eat chocolate year-round like I do. Some of the stores even have their candy delivered to your house!



PS-- I'm coming for you, New Orleans. You and your creatures had better watch out tomorrow... :)


  1. I love this time of year....back to school shopping!!! I want the erasers. They would make mistakes a little more fun!

  2. BTW Satyr from the Shadows is on my Nook, ready to be read the next week or so!

  3. YES! They are too cute. And YAY! I just love that cover :) He could have a man-bun...

  4. YES! They are too cute. And YAY! I just love that cover :) He could have a man-bun...