Monday, August 17, 2015

Mary's Musical Monday

Happy Monday, All--

I'm a little bummed today, because people are being really hateful about sorority women.

Here's what I have to say about it:

I am a Delta Zeta alum. (I like turtles.)

I am dating a non-Greek man, and have both Greek and non-Greek friends. I'm also a graduate student, will *probably* go on to get a PhD in my field of speech-language pathology, and thus care very much about education and my career.
I also wear makeup and dresses sometimes,  and make a genuine effort to look my best every day. There is nothing wrong with striving to look nice, and nothing wrong with never wearing makeup at all. Everything in between is cool, too!

Enough of that. I just had to make those points clear.

Today, I'm introducing Mary Newman, the heroine of Punished. She is also a sorority woman.
I normally don't tell you much about my characters, but in light of the criticism of Greek women, I'll tell you that I modeled Mary's academic achievements on my own--had her parents not died a few months before her college graduation, she would have graduated summa cum laude from LSU, and attended the Rhode Island School of Design's Master's program for painting. (I, however, am no artist.)

I had a hard time deciding on what song to represent her, but I chose this one with a caveat: she does not do drugs. You'll see her personality in Punished, but I'll tell you that substance abuse isn't her style.

I hope you like the song, and get a taste of the turmoil Mary is going through at the beginning of Punished. 

I also just love this song. 

How is your week beginning?



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